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Autobiography of Khenpo Tsangyang Nyima

I prostrate and take refuge at the feet of noble lama who is the essence
and emanation of all the Buddhas.

In the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva Thogme said, “Because of my weak knowledge and poor study, I may not be able to write to please all scholars.” Humbleness is the virtue of all lineage holders, however, as requested by you, I am giving this brief introduction about myself.

I was born in 1979 in Eastern Tibet at Dokham Sermojong (Serta area).

In 1991, I left my home town and was ordained and enrolled in Serjong, at Ngedon Do-ngag Chokhorling Monastery which was established by Khenchen Choying Khyabdal in the 1980s. I started my Tibetan studies reading, writing
and memorizing and minor Tibetan sciences under my uncle Khenpo Metok,
who was so very kind to me.

In 1994, I took Khordong Khenchen Choying Khyabdal as my teacher who was
a renowned scholar and accomplished being popularly known as the second Milarepa. From whom I studied Madhyamakalankara and Longchenpa's 
Ngal So Kor Sum and many other Sutra and Tantric classical texts.

I also received teachings on The Five Nails of the Northern Treasury tradition
and Kunzang Lama’i Shalung from Khordong Khenchen Dawa.

​In 1999, I entered Serta Larung Five Sciences Buddhist Institute, the biggest Buddhist Institute in the world. I received teachings of Kunzan Lama’i Shelung,  Bodhicharyavatara and many other Sutra and Tantra teachings, including empowerment (Wang), oral transmission (Lung) and teaching (Trig) on the commentary of Dzogchen and the Guya Garbha Tantra etc. from H.H. Khenchen Jigmed Phuntsog. I also received Dzogchen empowerments and many other empowerments from Tulku Tenzin.

I served Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro with three kinds of pleasing actions (1) and took him as my root lama. He was so kind and generous, and a bodhisattva himself. I am fortunate to receive all major and minor sciences and particularly the Five Buddhist Philosophical Texts and the Kalachakra astrology studies from him.

Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro gave teachings on Khenpo Ngagchung’s commentary
on the Nyingthig Ngondro; Seven-Point Mind Training of the Kadampa Tradition; as well as The Eight Verses on Mind Trainings, and also The 37 Practices
of a Bodhisattva
which all possess blessings of many great lamas and are all pith instructions. Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro taught all these pith instructions through his own experience to hundreds and thousands of students including myself to help us to generate genuine renunciation, bodhicitta and emptiness within ourselves. I practiced assiduously according to his teaching.

Other than that, I studied Kalachakra astrology from a great teacher Dungkar Khenpo Geypal for seven years.

From 2006, I served more than 10 years on the project “Saving the life of living beings and taking care of them.” From 2009, for 8 times, I taught in Larung Sid-sum Silnon School, which is a branch of Larung Buddhist Institute. 2010, I was appointed as a Khenpo of Ser Hor-shul Gompa in my home town for three years. 2012, for two years, I served as a member of working committee of 32 Serta Gompas. Since 2013, I have been teaching as a Kalachakra astrology teacher in Serta Five Sciences Buddhist Institute. Since 2015, I have given Buddhist teachings at Ju Me Hor Gompa, which is the main centre of Mipham Rinpoche.


In short, even though I have very little wisdom, I am so fortunate that since a young age I was able to meet the Holy Dharma and many great lamas. Particularly since my teenage years and for the last 20 years, I was able to meet almost 20 great teachers and received many teachings from them, which I assiduously studied and practised. I am so fortunate that all my teachers are so kind and generous to me all the time. I feel that these are the results of my previous good karmas.


My only aim and heartfelt wish is to become a good Buddhist teacher
and to promote and preach Buddhist sciences to all and benefit them all like
a Wish Fulfilling Tree, a precious vase or a Wish Fulfilling Jewel.

May I always light up the wisdom in everybody, like the sun and moon never setting, passing on the lineage, protecting the lineage and spreading the Dharma everywhere, especially the Nyingma teachings. 


I treat this as my foremost responsibility and duty to serve the Buddha Dharma.

May the Buddhas be beneficial to all sentient beings until samsara ends!

May I be blessed by the Three Jewels in this life.

* 1. Doing practice according to the instruction given by Guru.

   2. Doing service.

   3. Giving material things.

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